Women’s Health Physiotherapy at Palm Beach Physiotherapy Centre

Empowering Women Through Specialised Physiotherapy

At Palm Beach Physiotherapy Centre, our women’s health physiotherapy service is dedicated to addressing women’s unique physical health concerns. We offer a compassionate and specialised approach to treating various conditions affecting women’s pelvic health and overall well-being. Our experienced physiotherapists are committed to providing personalised care and helping women to lead active, healthy, and comfortable lives.

Women's Health Physiotherapy

The Importance of Physio for Women’s Health

Comprehensive Care for Women’s Health Issues

Women’s health physiotherapy is a specialised field dedicated to addressing conditions specific to the female body. This encompasses a wide range of issues, including pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary or fecal incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual discomfort.

Our highly skilled Palm Beach physiotherapists employ various techniques, including pelvic floor exercises and comprehensive education, to enhance pelvic floor muscle strength, endurance, and symptom relief. Our holistic approach aims to improve overall pelvic health and well-being, empowering women to lead healthier lives.

Conditions Treated By Our Women’s Health Physiotherapists

Enhancing Quality of Life for Women

Our physiotherapists treat a wide range of conditions, including pelvic girdle pain, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and management of bladder and bowel conditions. We aim to address the impact of musculoskeletal dysfunction and posture on these conditions.

Our Specialised Women’s Health Treatments

Tailored Treatments for Every Woman

We uphold a treatment philosophy centred on manual therapy, thoughtfully complemented by exercise regimens and effective self-management strategies. Our range of treatments encompasses pelvic floor muscle training, manual therapy techniques designed for pain relief, and exercise programs meticulously customised to meet the unique needs of each woman.

Our physios adopt a holistic “whole-body” approach to treatment, recognising the intricate interplay of bodily systems and their profound influence on women’s health.

Start Your Journey to Better Health with Us

If you’re experiencing women’s health-related issues, let the original Palm Beach Physiotherapy Centre help you. With a rich history spanning over 40 years, our caring and skilled women’s health physios are here to provide you with the highest quality of care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards improved health and well-being.

Answering your Questions

Women’s Health Physiotherapy FAQs

A women’s health physiotherapist specialises in treating conditions related to pelvic health and other female-specific issues. They use various physiotherapy techniques to address pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, pelvic pain, and more.

Medicare may cover women’s health physiotherapy under specific conditions, such as through the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC). Eligibility and coverage depend on individual circumstances and should be confirmed with your local GP.

Visit our Medicare Physiotherapy page for more information.

Seeing a women’s health physiotherapist is essential for addressing pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and other female-specific conditions. They provide specialised care to improve pelvic health and overall quality of life.

During a pelvic physiotherapy appointment at Palm Beach Physiotherapy Centre, your dedicated physiotherapist will comprehensively evaluate your pelvic floor function and any associated concerns. This assessment typically entails a physical examination, a detailed discussion of your symptoms, and the collaborative development of a personalised treatment plan.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing. Loose-fitting pants or shorts are ideal.