Tomos Bevan


B. Ex. Sci., M. Phty.

Tomos has experience with various musculoskeletal conditions in the private practice sector. He enjoys collaboration with clients working towards long-term resolution or self-management of chronic conditions to enable them to engage in activities they enjoy. Tom utilises various treatment techniques, including acupuncture, dry needling, soft tissue techniques, and rehabilitation exercises.

While Tom enjoys working with all musculoskeletal conditions, he particularly enjoys back, knee, and neck pain. He understands the importance of a balanced therapy program and that an individualised treatment approach is required to achieve goals. Tom also enjoys working with clients with chronic respiratory conditions requiring treatment to prevent or manage exacerbations.

Tom has a strong sporting background, including football, rugby union, athletics, gym, and CrossFit. He understands the demands of sports across all levels and is very interested in injury prevention and post-injury rehabilitation.

Quick Questions with Tomos Bevan

What inspired you to pursue a career in physiotherapy?
After working full-time and travelling for a number of years after high school, I figured out that I really liked helping people, and I had always had good experiences with physiotherapists when I was injured, so I decided to pursue it for myself.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?
I have a number of interests outside of work, the main one being home renovations, as the projects often take a long time to complete, especially because I am very detail-focused. I also enjoy exercising, cooking and family activities.

What’s your idea of a perfect holiday?
My perfect holiday would be an off-the-beaten trail holiday combined with adventurous activities and experiences. For example, I faced my fear of heights by bungee jumping when I travelled to NZ.

What’s your favourite way to relax and de-stress?
A split between exercising and playing video games, it all depends on whether I need to relax physically or mentally. Although I would love to try sauna or cold plunges as I have read about the benefits.

How do you approach a challenging patient case?
The approach changes depending on what makes the case challenging of which there are many possible reasons and combinations that make a case challenging. However the strategies I find work well are breaking down the issues into smaller parts / areas of focus and making a plan to address each. The other strategy I find works well especially with lots of cooks(Medical professionals) and ingredients (Medical information) in the kitchen (I like analogies) is to in my mind push those aside and form my own opinion / preliminary diagnosis first; Then amalgamate if appropriate with information from the other cooks and ingredients

What’s the most rewarding part of your job as a physiotherapist?
I thoroughly enjoy that feeling when I am able to say goodbye to a patient because we have resolved their injury of issue and they are able to return to all the activities they love.